What if there was a digital solution that…

could solve a problem facing 97% of college-bound teens,

while saving school counselors’ time…AND saving families money?


What if there was a digital solution that…

could solve a problem facing 97% of college-bound teens…

while saving school counselors’ time…AND saving families money?


YCC360° keeps you on track for college
and gives you access to the resources you need.

For College Counselors

An evaluative tool on your phone or desktop to monitor, communicate with and successfully support a large caseload of college-bound students of all ages and abilities

For Students

A web-based and mobile app that gives each student the individual guidance experience they need to find, get into and pay LESS for a great college education

For Families

An app that allows student, counselor and parent to customize, assign and monitor tasks; share college planning tools, timelines, notes, lessons; save notes and build a college list.

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A Web-Based Solution

The YCC360° content library gives students and parents college planning help, customized for each grade level from 7th-12th grade.

A Mobile Solution

Complementing the content, the mobile app gives counselors, students and parents tools to track steps and communicate about college planning.


“Through offering a combination of Your College Concierge’s online and mobile applications, we have been able to modernize the delivery of post-secondary guidance to our high school students.” — Brent Goldman, Ed.D, President, Xceed Preparatory Academy

“Peter has proven to be an invaluable resource for our college advising staff as well as our families. His comprehensive presentations cover every aspect of the college aid process, from the most basic questions to the most complex financial situations, and this means that our parents can make better, more well-informed decisions about their children’s college futures.” — Erik McLeod, M.Ed., American Heritage School-Plantation

Student Management via the Counselor Dashboard

YCC360° is also an app for schools. Does your school have hundreds of students and not enough time to support them individually? With the app, you can manage, track, message and support students with a few taps of your fingertips.

As a counselor, you can manage your students via the mobile or desktop application. You can see how students are progressing on tasks, message them if they need support and assign additional resources and tasks to them as needed.

Features at Your Fingertips

For schools or students, think of it like a virtual guidance office

Easy-To-Follow Task Manager

As a student, track your tasks and progress, know what’s ahead and feel proud of what you’ve done. For schools, check in on your students and help them as they progress so they don’t miss critical college deadlines.

Instant Notifications & Messaging

As a student, you’ll know what to do and when to do it with notifications helping you along the way. Counselors and students can message each other to make the process easier.

Student Progress Tracking & Evaluation

Counselors can create student groups, track and monitor individual progress, identify at-risk students, share documents, assign new tasks, save/time-stamp messages, send broadcast announcements and more.

College List Builder

This unique, custom feature allows you to search US-based colleges and universities based on your preferences, save them in your “eLocker” and easily compare costs your top choice schools.

Individualized Curriculum

Student tasks are differentiated by subject matter (prep, admissions or funding), grade, student abilities, financial needs and goals and accompanied with lessons and support to guide you the whole way. Counselors can also customize the content to suit students.

Stash Your Notes in Your eLocker

Want to save notes, ideas or research on colleges? Your eLocker organizes your files so you can keep track of resource guides, templates, college info and more.

Ready for iOS and Android

YCC360° is available for schools for iOS or Android smartphones.
Our notepad and web-based versions are in the works and coming soon!

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