The digital revolution has changed the way people learn. Understanding how to interact with the digital tools, networks and social media platforms of the Internet is critical to students today. Schools, libraries, museums and community centers are upgrading technology so young people can access digital tools throughout the day, creating new opportunities to learn any time, any place, at any pace.

This presents some challenges when it comes to student data and privacy issues. Traditionally, student data consisted of things like attendance, grades, discipline records, and health records. Access to that data used to be restricted to the administrator, guidance counselor, teacher, or other school official who needed it to serve the educational needs of the child. With the use of technology in schools, traditional data is now often shared with companies that provide learning tools and many other technologies. Parents, students, and others have raised concerns about what information is being collected or shared, and what use those companies might make of that data.

We’ll dig into this topic in this episode!

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