The college application essay is something that creates anxiety for a lot of students when they are applying to college. We have some tips (do’s and don’ts) for creating a great essay for a winning application. Listen to this episode and hear some of the most useful suggestions we give to our clients!

If you have a student that’s going to be applying to college this year, our virtual  College Application Summer Camp kicks off this month to help students with getting applications completed correctly and before school starts so it’s off their plate. We’ve held this summer program for years, and keep doing it because we get amazing feedback from the students who participate.

Imagine your rising 12th grader getting pro support once a week (Wednesday evenings) this summer to get his or her application handled…especially when they can do it from anywhere. All they need is to log in online to join the class each week. The College Application Summer Camp kicks off June 26th. You can check out the details here:

College Application Summer Camp 2019

As always, thank you for following our content and allowing us to help support students and their success!

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