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The Online Academy gives you direct and affordable 24/7/365 access to all of our professional guidance and financial aid advice, college recommendations, financial aid calculators, college cost forecasters and more.

Moms love it, educators love it, students love it.

Your College Concierge has designed the Online Academy to give you simple, step-by-step and grade-specific college guidance, live coaching, insider secrets, tools and shortcuts to empower you to help your child achieve success.

  • A self-guided, grade-differentiated college admissions, application and financial aid curriculum designed for parents, counselors and students in 8th-12th grade
  • An college planning curriculum to stay fresh and relevant
  • Individualized, thoughtful and timely responses to your college planning questions
  • Step-by-Step Financial Aid Application Assistance Program

“We used Pete & Jill’s program for our sons 4 years ago and now again with our daughter. We’re a blended family so it was very complicated gathering information for grants from both families. They helped make the application process easy and efficient. She worked on everything over the summer in their online College Application Program. She was done with all the basics by September, so she met all the deadlines for early action. Our daughter was accepted to most of the schools she applied to and was offered great scholarships from 6 of her top choices. She will be attending Notre Dame in the fall with a $23k scholarship per year. We are grateful for all that they have done.”

— Mindy & Tom Jennings

“We all know how complicated and worrisome the choosing the right college can be, especially for somebody that was not born in the USA. It brings extra concerns into knowing if we are doing all the right things and steps to help our kids to get to the best colleges they can.

I thank you for all the patience with the girls, guiding them or their essays, but still leaving them free to express themselves, helping picking the best schools that would fit their dreams yet keeping it real under our financial reality. Also the invaluable help you gave them on making sure that all applications were fulfilled on time and correctly.

For all of this I thank you very much and wish you keep doing what you do so well, to help other parents like me!”

— Celso Guimaraes

“Through offering a combination of Your College Concierge’s online and mobile applications, we have been able to modernize the delivery of post-secondary guidance to our high school students.”

— Brent Goldman, Ed.D, President, Xceed Preparatory Academy

Step-By-Step Support

With the Online Academy, you’ll be guided on when, what, why and how when it comes to:

  • applying for financial aid
  • figuring out what college will cost
  • searching for the right colleges
  • applying with confidence