How To Prepare For College


The Charter Club

Monthly lessons with live coaching, templates and expert guidance on how to find, apply to and get into college, step-by-step


The College Application Program

Get your college applications completed and submitted correctly as we guide you through the details of the entire process–including writing the college application essay.

How To Get Money For College: Our College Funding Program

The College Funding Program consists of 4 courses + Charter Club access


How To Build The Perfect College List

Use our tools and training to discover the strategies behind finding your ideal dream school (the one that suits your personality, career goals and budget) and build the perfect college list for YOU


How To Complete The FAFSA Step-By-Step

A complete A-to-Z education on how financial aid works. Learn how to determine your expected costs and fully complete the FAFSA application


CSS Profile Expert Guide

If your child is applying to a private school, the CSS Profile is your ticket to getting money for it. This course will guide you on exactly how to complete it and find the greatest opportunities


How to Appeal Your Award

You’ve heard back from your college with an award! Unfortunately, you feel you should’ve received more. This course will guide you on how to appeal your financial aid package (and how to determine if you should).

How To Get Into College


Your Guidance Counselor Master Plan

The most comprehensive course available to know exactly what to ask your guidance counselor and how to make it easy for them to give you a great recommendation to your dream school


The Ultimate College Visit

Uncover the secrets our most successful high schoolers use to make the most of their college tour, making a such a positive impression that the school WANTS YOU to become their student

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