Your College Concierge

Your College Concierge

What Will The Future Look Like?

What if every child had the inspiration (and the support) to earn a college degree and ACHIEVE lifelong success?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”


A Great Future Begins With a Great Plan


Not only do three-quarters of the jobs in the 21st century require education and training beyond a high school diploma, but over the course of a lifetime, the average worker with a bachelor’s degree will earn approximately $1 million more than a worker who only has a high school diploma.

Although the American School Counselor Association recommends a 250:1 students-to-counselor ratio, most schools have a far higher ratio; the current national average is 491:1.


When a student is unable to meet with a counselor regularly, s/he may needlessly limit their college and career opportunities. They miss critical deadlines and miss out on receiving the kind of supports in middle and high school that can put students on the path to a brighter future.

The college application process has been streamlined with technology, and there are thousands of college options with billions of institutional-based scholarships and grants in the system. However, an inefficient college counseling process makes it nearly impossible for deserving students from underserved communities to access any of it.

How We Can Help


Starting in 2016 in collaboration with College Success Foundation, Alloy Achievers and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington DC, YCC has developed a multi-benefit, multi-platform college/career planning program dedicated to helping students from the Greater DC area achieve their college dreams.


With YCC360, students in your college-bound program receive information, confidence and training they need to get into and graduate from a great college with scholarship offers that reduce the need for student loans or Last Dollar interventions.

Let us show you how we can help you use our system to efficiently build a college-going program that will ensure your scholarship dollars will be able to serve a larger number of students for a longer period of time.