Your College Concierge

Your College Concierge

Want To Really Know How To Get Your Child Into a Great College… and make it affordable?

Don’t miss important details that could impact your child’s future…get a FREE copy of The Ultimate College Application Guide as well as our bonus report, Financial Aid Case Studies, to see what’s possible for your family.

The Ultimate College Application Guide helps high school seniors know what they need to get their applications completed step-by-step.

The Financial Aid Case Studies helps you see what’s possible, even if you don’t think you’ll qualify for financial aid.

In 5 sections, The Ultimate College Application Guide walks you through each part of the application.

It includes guidance and ideas for writing the application essay, a sample resume and a checklist to be sure you have everything you need to submit your application without missing something important.

PLUS, our Financial Aid Case Studies includes an infographic to explain how financial aid works in a simple, practical way with the stories of 4 very different students so you can see how YOU can save on college.