Your College Concierge

Your College Concierge

Help your employees solve a problem facing 97% of all Americans.

What if you could save your employees THOUSANDS of dollars, reduce their stress AND increase their engagement, retention and productivity? We can show you how.

All parents want their children to succeed. We can help them do that…Your College Concierge enables high school students and their families to find, gain acceptance to and cut THOUSANDS of dollars from the cost of their children’s “dream colleges”.

Planning for college today starts earlier and is more competitive (and confusing), not to mention more expensive than ever. Though the sticker prices for college are shocking, at least 2/3 of students applying to college will pay LESS than the advertised price.

What is the key to finding and paying less for college? Getting the right guidance to find the best opportunities.

Help Your Team Help Their Families


Getting the right guidance can be a challenge for many students and families. The American School Counselor Association recommends a 250:1 students-to-counselor ratio. Yet most schools have a far higher ratio. The current national average is 491 students for every one counselor.

With the Your College Concierge platform, parents are armed with accurate information, the right guidance and the tools to ensure that their children have multiple good and AFFORDABLE college options.


Your College Concierge is a blended, flexible, scalable program, witha mobile platform that is suitable both for parents seeking a positive way for their children to use their cell phones…and for employers seeking a value-added non-financial incentive to help them attract and retain the best talent.

With YCC, you will be a hero to your employees and have another compelling incentive for them to choose and stay with your company.