Your College Concierge

Your College Concierge

Schedule a Diagnostic Evaluation with Your College Concierge

Let’s Determine How To Minimize Your Costs, Find Scholarships & Improve Chances for Admission

During your meeting, you can expect to receive the following:

• An Expected Family Contribution (EFC) report that will incorporate both the Federal and Institutional Methodology,

• A Cost Comparison projection and out-of-pocket forecast for the colleges that you may be interested in considering

• Recommendations on how to minimize your costs and how to maximize the chances for admission and for scholarship

• Grant opportunities at the colleges on your preliminary lists

• We will also review grades and preliminary scores (if available) and make any pertinent college admissions recommendations

To facilitate your discussion, please be prepared to share (or preferably provide to us in advance):

To Determine Your Eligibility for Institutional Financial Aid/Merit Aid:

  • Most recent personal tax return and W2’s or 1099’s for both parents
  • Most recent business tax return, if self-employed
  • This parent questionnaire (click to access), completed
  • Most recent bank, investment statements (including any college savings programs such as UTMAs, UGMAs, 529s and other pre-paid tuition plans that you — or members of your extended family — may have purchased or invested in on your children’s behalf)
  • Student’s FAFSA ID/PW/PIN (if reviewing/making changes to FAFSA), College Board ID/PW (If reviewing/making changes to CSS Profile), Financial Aid Offers (if Received),

Additional Student Information:

  • Most recent tax returns (if required to file)
  • Most recent asset statements (if applicable)
  • A list of colleges being considered
  • Student transcript,GPA, SAT/ACT scores (if taken)
  • Class rank (if known), interests, and extra-curricular activities

Please provide this to us in advance — either by fax (954-659-7889, our secure fax) or scan/email — so that we can prepare in advance for our meeting.

Note that we will not keep any of your documentation unless you decide to further enlist our college planning services.