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Your College Concierge

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This is our resource library for you and your family to stay up to date with preparing for college as our society adapts to changes with COVID, test-optional trends, application processes and financial aid. We regularly add new videos and delete ones with dated information.

COVID-19 Questions on Common App and for High Schools

Duration: 3:29 min

Building A College List

Duration: 3:20 min

How To Determine Whether To Send SATACT scores to schools that are now test Optional

Duration: 6:04 min

How Many Schools Should I Apply To

Duration: 1:56 min

Where Is The Scholarship Money (For ‘Regular’ Students)

Duration: 6:39 min

How is Florida Pre-Paid and Bright Futures Applied to Schools

Duration: 2:37 min

True Cases How One Family Went From $0 to $52k in Scholarships in 2 weeks

Duration: 5:35 min

The Actual Financial Aid Eligibility Formula That Will Determine How Much A College ‘THinks’ You Can Afford To Pay

Duration: 4:54 min

Why It Can Cost The Same Out of Pocket For A ‘Pricey’ Private University vs a Local College

Duration: 3:24 min

How To Apply For Financial Aid – Forms and Deadlines + Important Information for Divorced Parents

Duration: 3:03 min

5 Important Post-Covid College Planning Take-Aways

Duration: 6:46 min

Do I have to Report My Ex’s Income on My Financial Aid Applications Answers To Your Most Common Questions

Duration: 11:45 min