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Every year there are roughly 2 million students applying for admission at one of America’s 3,900 institutes of higher education.

The process begins earlier, is year-round, more competitive and more confusing. There are multiple ways of fulfilling HS requirements, calculating GPA, and taking standardized tests; including a brand new SAT being introduced in March of 2016. These criteria are factored differently (or not at all) depending on the college. What’s more, technology, marketing metrics and the Common App “invite” students to apply to multiple schools, fueling what is known as “application inflation” (students routinely apply to 20 or more schools). And though sticker prices are in deed shocking, financial aid is more widely touted and offered and at least 2/3 of students will pay LESS than that sticker.

Getting the right educational fit (AND the right package of scholarships and grants) starts by having the right admissions strategy.

If you have an open mind, are armed with accurate information and have appropriate guidance for your students and your family – well before your student gets ready to submit their first college application (or even finalize their list) – you may find that your child(ren) will have far more options, you’ll pay less, and you’ll all experience far LESS stress than you thought.

My recommendation: Get educated about how college admissions works today and then get help making it work for your family.

In addition to our public programs and classes, we also offer:


Private Guidance and Admissions Counseling

We’ll ensure that your child is on the right path to gain acceptance to “best fit” colleges that will suit his/her academic aspirations and prepare him or her for a fulfilling career after college.

Why do our students consistently graduate in four years (when the national average is closer to 5½)? Because we don’t treat college like it’s 13th grade. We don’t just prepare our students to ‘get into college,’ we prepare them to succeed once they’re there and well beyond. Our program sets our students up for success, not just for the next four years, but the next 40. Our guidance services ‘begin with the end in mind’ with the following:

  • Interest/Major/Career assessment (STRONG Interest Explorer, Myers Briggs Type Indicator),
  • High school course and co-curricular selection
  • College research
  • College list develoment
  • Interview prep
  • Test strategy and prep
Peter at UNC

Application Assistance

We’ll ensure that your child is well-positioned and stays “on task” in all important application areas, including:

  • Conceptualizing, writing and polishing a great college essay(s)
  • Building an application resume
  • Requesting teacher recommendations
  • Submitting transcripts
  • And all other application-related issues that befuddle and/or intimidate parents and students

Test Preparation

Higher test scores can unlock the door to hidden scholarship dollars. We’ll help you maximize your PSAT, SAT (new, overhauled SAT coming in 2016) or ACT scores with online, on-demand and video-based courses. Cutting edge, affordable and effective prep with guaranteed results.


Spring/Summer Application Bootcamp(s) for Rising 12th Graders

Our students get ahead because we give them a huge head start. For rising 12th graders, we offer an intensive, admissions/application workshop – Thick Envelope Magic‘ – that covers:

  • How to get organized – key dates, deliverables and milestones
  • How to compile the right mix of ‘best fit’ schools for you and your family
  • How to build an admissions strategy that will increase your chances of acceptance at those schools
  • What, exactly, the admissions officers are looking for
  • How to fill out the Common Application – Students leave with a complete activity sheet summing up your high school awards, activities, and achievements that can be used to complete the Common Application months ahead of time
  • How to craft a compelling essay that separates you from the pack, and several essay topics – and words – to avoid like the plague
  • The surprising truth about flaws and how to explain failures
  • A silly way to guarantee you get a great recommendation
  • What you should do, say and ask in your college interviews
  • Students also receive our 200-page Thick Envelope How To manual, which includes valuable planning tools, resources, tips and notes
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