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5 Day University Generosity Bracketology College Challenge

So, how does this work?

It’s simple. Really simple.

And it’s FREE!

Each day for 5 days you will get an email from me. Each email will guide you to a training video to watch, usually 5 minutes or less. In the video, I’ll cover key points on exactly what you need to know.

I’ll cover topics like comparing financial aid generosity; the importance of choosing the right schools; how to show interest in colleges to maximize admissions and aid/scholarship; and how to take advantage of the summer months.

This is for parents and teens alike. You’ve got nothing to lose!

As a BONUS: get your top 3 colleges analyzed for their generosity!

When you join me, you’ll have an opportunity during the challenge to send me your top 3 favorite schools and discover which are the most generous. Don’t miss this–it’s FREE and it’s fun!

Score big when it comes to getting into + paying for a great college!

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